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Tsuyama City

Tsuyama City is located in the center of the Mimasaka region in northeastern Okayama. In 2005, four surrounding villages and towns became a part of Tsuyama to form a new gTsuyama Cityh with a population exceeding 111,000. Tsuyama City is surrounded by mountains, especially the towering Chugoku mountains in the north. In the center of the city there is a park with 1,000 cherry trees that has been chosen as one of Japanfs top 100 gcherry tree viewingh sights. Tsuyamafs first governor, Tadamasa Mori, named the city in 1604, and subsequently built Tsuyama Castle over the course of twelve years. Today, the majestic castle walls and ruins, and many other sites throughout the city have earned Tsuyama the name gLittle Kyoto of the Westh.
@A considerably high level of culture already existed in Tsuyama in ancient times, judging by the 2,000 year-old Yayoi-style dwellings just north of our college. At the beginning of the Edo period, nearly 400 years ago, Tsuyama prospered as a castle town. From the middle-Edo period important figures like Genzui Udagawa and Genpo Mitsukuri introduced western culture, anticipating the dawn of modern Japan. Tsuyama has had a rich history of culture and education, giving birth to many scholars and men of letters. A small city, Tsuyama nonetheless has its own university, junior college and six senior high schools, in addition to our own college of technology. National Institute of Technology is located in a city with clean air, abundant nature, and rich culture and tradition.

Tsuyama Castle

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